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Sunday, September 1, 2013

First "Project Life" Pages!

So....I am a collector. I don't like to "use" my stuff (I know, its an illness!), and I have to say, Project Life has been interesting...even IRRITATING to me.  Why?  22 years ago, I had a baby boy.  And Hallmark sold the same type of picture file holders, like what Project Life is doing now.  I did both my boy's baby books, and first several years of life in the "Project Life" Style...but when scrapbooking really took off, and specific pages were made, I totally pulled the boy's books apart to "do it right".  Grrrr....Oh well.  Needless to say, my before pages were nothing as cool as what Project Life is now...and I am always so hard on myself, with my creative, has to be perfect, work...Here is my first go (again) around with Project Life.  I loved how it turned out. LOVE IT!!!  It is difficult to photograph, though...

Isn't she beautiful?  Oh my.  So in love with this girl.

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