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Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello friends!
Sorry I've been absent for awhile.  I had surgery a month or so ago...and I have had a hard time bouncing back from this one.  BUT, my saving grace, was I didn't have to use crutches this time!!!  The bad news is, the biopsy from my knee "didn't take", so I have to have another surgery. UGH.

While I've been down, I have been puttering in my scrapbook room, and I have to say, its my favorite place in my house.  Nothing special, but its cozy, and I am surrounded by pictures, mementos and my special treasures.

And if these treasures don't make my heart birthday is in August and I am getting an amazing gift...........

This is Sir Sheldon Lee Cooper.  AKA ShellyBean....How beautiful is he????  He is still with his momma, but he is coming home very very soon.  Can you smell the sweet puppy breath??? :) Sigh.

I LOVE this picture!!  I wake up to this pretty much every morning, and it just makes me laugh.  How much I love this sweet little animal.  He has saved me, in more ways than I can count.  Here we were watching (or should I say, I was watching) Breaking Dawn...
My next pictures are hysterical!  Jeffery got a special treat--on one of the hottest days here in Portland...a Peanut Butter Bacon milkshake.  He loved it.

And this was the result afterwards (and no...he didn't get all of the shake....much to his dismay)

Sugar overload! hahaha!

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